Cape Town to Nairobi – The Journey

Wow, it’s been quite a journey so far. I realize the posts have dissipated recently and I apologize – I’ll have a few over the coming days to make up for it!

Last time I wrote was in South Africa, so here’s a few little synopses so you understand what’s gone down since then:

  • Flight to Zimbabwe. I’m not sure how much people really know about this country, but it’s not doing so hot. It’s the place that began printing the hundred-trillion dollar bill because the Zimbabwean dollar was super extra devalued. There’s also the president/dictator Robert Mugabe who, for lack of a better word, is a monster.
    • Quick note: The first four countries I visited on this trip have the worst leaders. (‘Merica – Trump, Brazil – Temer, South Africa – Zuma, Zimbabwe – Mugabe)
    • Flew here to see Victoria Falls because Victoria Falls.
    • Super nice people, lots of wildlife, lots of poverty.
  • Crossed Vic Falls border to Livingstone, Zambia. As of this posting the country is in a State of Emergency but everyone was chilling when I went.
    • Couldn’t get US dollars in Zimbabwe because “the ATM runs out of money at 9am, sometimes it does not have any at all” so I only had South African Rands as currency to pay for my Zambian visa at the border.
    • Zambia does not accept South African Rands as currency to pay for your visa.
    • The border agent sent a text and twenty minutes later a sketchy guy came to exchange my SAR for USD, pulls out at least $10,000, and trades me right in the border office.
    • HAVE. YOU. SEEN. A. FULL. GROWN. BABOON??? Well I did for the first time at this border and I swear thought I had entered some sort of alternate-reality-demon’s lair. They’re huge. They’re smart. THEY’RE HUGE – like pre-teen human size. And you know baboons are bad because they attacked Tarzan.
  • Bussed on up to Lusaka, Zambia (which I honestly did not realize was the capital until I arrived).
    • Watched Zambian soap operas in not-English for six hours because the volume was turned up to a deafening 1,000,000 decibels on this bus ride.
  • Flew to Nairobi, Kenya and stayed in a nice hotel because I deserved it messed up my AirBNB reservation.
    • Booked a 3-day safari to Maasai Mara (which will have an entire separate post).
    • Had these really average beef samosas that gave me food poisoning and ruined all chances of clubbing & casinos with the sole friend abroad I had in Africa before this trip.
  • Flew to Seychelles
    • I actually cannot say anything about this because it also needs an entire post.
    • I’m here now. Typing this.

So that’s what has happened in the couple of weeks since Cape Town! I love comments and questions, so feel free to ask away.